Periscope expands virtual tipping via Super Hearts beyond the U.S.

 As TechCrunch announced, ‘Periscope’s live streaming service is now expanding beyond the U.S. The company announced [that the] Periscope Super Broadcaster program, which allows video stars to earn revenue from their streams through a virtual tipping mechanism, is now available in Canada, Ireland, and the U.K.’

This follows a drive by Twitter to generate more interest from video content creators in its Periscope streaming service and live video offering. This model was first pioneered by YouTube, which incentivised content creators to use the platform to build and grow their audiences – with the chance of drawing revenue from their content and activity.

By expanding outside North America, Twitter is looking to spread awareness and appeal to markets that already have a huge appetite for consuming high-quality live video content.

According to TechCrunch, Periscope’s latest iteration is ‘similar to the likes of Twitch or YouTube’s emotes, but instead of custom emojis, Periscope offers “Super Hearts.” These are animated icons that fans can buy through in-app purchases, to support their favorite streamers.’

The move to increase the volume of quality live video streamed via Periscope demonstrates a broader trend emerging – that live content has dramatically increased in importance for social platforms and creators alike.

Source: TechCrunch