Snapchat launches smart filters that adapt to the types of photos you take

As a precursor to it’s anticipated platform redesign, Snapchat this week released a set of AI-based stickers and filters that appear according to the context of the user’s snaps. 

Snap’s new smart filters will be ready for use as soon as a photo is taken of something that falls within a certain category, such as pets, concerts, food or sports. Snap will recognise and adapt to the content of the photo and suggest relevant filters and stickers. 

The update to the user experience came in the same week that Snapchat introduced two new forms of ad. The first being ‘Promoted Stories’, which string together multiple Snaps to create longer-form slideshows that can be opened from a tile on the Stories page, visible to everyone in a given country. The second are ‘Augmented Reality Trial ads’ that let people play with an AR version of a product overlaid on the world around them.

Together, these new formats could make Snap’s ads less skippable and more memorable, in the hope of coaxing money out of businesses trying to make a mark on the valuable audience of US teens.

Taken together, Snapchat’s developments are building a stronger case for both consumers and brands to use the platform, ahead of a platform update that founder Evan Spiegel stated would ‘look like the evolution of the social media feed, focused on friends and what people are watching currently’ citing Twitter and Facebook as inspiration.

Source: Mashable