Twitter is adding view counts to videos

Twitter this week launched video view counts to its video content on the platform, something we in marketing have long been waiting for.

The development is a clear statement that Twitter is keen to make its service more attractive to users, video creators, and marketers alike. To users, video view counts are a subtle, yet very efficient, way to encourage them to share more videos. To marketers, it is a clear sign that everything can be measured and compared with other platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Twitter did used to provide this information to advertisers, but only through Insights and Analytics. The new public video views count will make it easier to follow the success of a video at any moment.

Starting immediately, video clips shared on the platform will show how many people have watched them, even if only for two seconds. While Twitter follows the Media Rating Council standards to account for video views (at least 2 seconds of playtime with at least 50% of the video on the screen), the bigger question within the industry is whether a two-second view counts as a meaningful engagement or is simply more of a vanity metric.   

In terms of live content hosted on Twitter via Periscope, the ability to prove how many people tuned in, for how long, and with what level of engagement will be key when creators and marketers alike build a case for this service vs Facebook and Instagram Live.

Source: AdAge