You can (almost) transfer money on Facebook Messenger in the UK

Facebook’s expansion of payments on Messenger is part of its plan to keep chat, money and everything else all in one app

The ability to pay contacts in Messenger will have arrived to all UK users after a November roll-out phase. As Wired reported, ‘Facebook wants Messenger to be the app for everything. With 1.2 billion monthly users around the world it’s well on the way to doing this. The app has just moved one step closer to its goal with the first international expansion of its person-to-person payments system.’

‘The rollout is the first time peer-to-peer payments on Messenger have been made available outside of the US, where it was introduced back in 2015. It also moves the app closer to China’s biggest messaging app, WeChat.’

This new functionality means that a seamless financial transaction can take place in the Messenger app, the same place where users currently spend time catching up with friends. The removal of what David Marcus, Messenger’s chief, describes as ‘friction from the experience’ is code for users having to leave a Facebook-owned app to do something.

Source: Wired