Despite Snapchat adding Live functionality, users won’t be able to through personal accounts

Snapchat this week announced that it is going to start incorporating Live video into the platform’s current functionality, but there is no intention to open up live broadcasting to regular users. As it currently stands, Live will start streaming into Snapchat on February 10th with Live Olympic coverage from NBC, with the possibility of this being extended to other media partners in the coming months.

As TechCrunch report, rather than letting its users go live, “Snap Inc. says that transmitting live television to help Snapchatters experience culturally relevant moments is what makes sense. Snapchat won’t broadcast whole sports games or award shows, but says that it could stream the most important parts of big events, like the Oscars awarding Best Picture.”

This development comes in a week when Snapchat’s fortunate looks set to change, as it posts its first-ever better-than-expected quarterly earnings report.

Source: TechCrunch