Facebook signs music deal to improve  licence holders royalties in 160 territories

Facebook has this week taken steps to execute its ambition of tightening music licensing and fees paid to rights holders on the platform.

As TechCrunch confirmed, the social media giant “has signed a deal with ICE Services — a licensing group and copyright database of some 31 million works that represents PRS in the UK, STIM in Sweden and GEMA in Germany — to provide music licensing and royalty collection for works and artists represented by the group, when their music is used on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger.”

In terms of scope, the deal will cover videos that are uploaded by its 2.1 billion registered users to Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger and place them in an online repository for future reference.

Facebook’s broader play for the channel when tightening its position within the world of music is to possibly start challenging the likes of Spotify in years to come, as they accrue greater rights and ability to use original tracks.

Source: TechCrunch