Chinese social media platform WeChat reaches 1 billion accounts worldwide

WeChat, the Chinese multi-purpose social media mobile application released in 2011, announced that it reached 1 billion accounts worldwide. While this lofty stat must be tempered by the fact that users can create dual accounts – for personal and private use – the fact that close to 1/7 of the world’s population are part of one platform is staggering.

The app, which lets users do everything from booking Ubers, to organising dry-cleaning, and directly paying friends, has been enjoying increases in audience size YoY due to the sheer scale of functionality.

By allowing users a diverse range of capabilities, WeChat has gone from strength to strength and demonstrates how the likes of Facebook and Twitter are increasingly looking to mirror a platform that maintains consistent growth and increasing daily active users by allowing them to live their lives in one place online.

Source: The Verge