Facebook and Warner Music sign music deal for videos and messages

A matter of weeks after Facebook announced that it had inked a deal with music label ICE – covering 160 territories and 290K rightsholders on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger – it emerged earlier this week that Warner Music, the only major record label not to be working with the social media giant, had arranged a music licensing deal.

As TechCrunch confirmed, “Facebook has signed a wide-ranging licensing deal that covers all of Warner Music’s recorded and published music catalogs. Music from these can now be used in “social experiences” on Facebook, Instagram,  Messenger and Oculus. (WhatsApp for now is not included.)

The list of artists in the Warner stable is massive: it includes iconic names like the Eagles and early Madonna (pre 2010) through to Ed Sheeran, Nina Simone and Jay-Z.”

Facebook’s continued march into the world of music demonstrates how the social platform is increasingly making moves to enter the music services sphere. The bigger play for Facebook is tied to its insatiable appetite to keep its audience locked in for an increasing period of time. Allowing users to stream music in the same space where they engage with friends gives them more reason to stay on the platform for longer.

Source: TechCrunch