Facebook equips Creator app with new functionality in an attempt to become the home of online content creators

After we confirmed last week that Facebook had signed a deal with Warner Music – sealing their move into the world of music streaming – it has since emerged that the social giant is making moves to establish itself as the home of online content creators.

Facebook this week launched a suite of new tools exclusively for its Creator app, in a bid to displace Youtube and Patreon as the online platforms used by content creators.

As TechCrunch commented, “most interesting are the new monetization options Facebook is trying out. It will let some users sign-up for a monthly subscription patronage payment to their favourite creators in exchange for exclusive content and a fan badge just like on Patreon. This will bring Facebook into the world of in-app purchases. Fans will be able to sign up for a $4.99 per month subscription, with Facebook forgoing a cut during the testing period, though the App Store and Google Play will get their 30 percent cut. That means creators will get $3.50 per month per subscriber.”

Source: TechCrunch