Instagram testing “Focus” portrait mode  

Discovered through the back-end of the platform last week, Instagram has progressed its camera functionality to seemingly mimic new smart-phone functionality, to let users capture high-quality, artistic photos and videos through a filter and shutter mode called “Focus”.

A clear driver for this improvement is Instagram’s perpetual need to remain one step ahead of Snapchat, its main rival and other leading ephemeral content sharing platform.

As TechCrunch asserted earlier this week, “Instagram must constantly evolve to stay interesting. The sepia latte art and over-saturated sunsets that once dominated the feed have become passé. But the Instagram-Snapchat arms race has led to increasingly gaudy and bombastic augmented reality filters, colourful stickers and seething GIFs. “Focus” could push Instagram back to its classier roots, and help people create images worth saving after their Stories turn to ash by the next sunrise”.

Source: TechCrunch